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Website Audit - Legal Usability Effectiveness

Is your website an organizational asset or liability?

Allow our legal and technical professionals to evaluate your internet presence with our specialty service, the Net Gain website audit. For a low fixed fee, an attorney and web designer will review your site and survey your industry's web presence, with an eye for national legal standards compliance, privacy and security consciousness, accessibility, usability and overall effectiveness. We produce a comprehensive report which documents the current site, and gives recommendartions for upgrades, prioritized by need.

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Effective July 2004: The California Online Privacy Protection Act

Do you ever receive website responses (including email) from residents of California? We'll ensure your privacy policy complies with the new California requirements, and that your site lives up to its promised standards.

Compliance with online privacy requirements is just part of our website audit. Contact attorney John Alexander at Net Gain for more information.

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